Digital Boundary Microphone


  • 360˚ direction recognition
    • Capture direction and movement of sound and reproduce exactly at receiver side
  • Approx. 4m (radius) of pickup range
  • For using with HD-VCS KX-VC600

Digital Boundary Microphone
HD Visual Communication System
Boundary Microphone
Maximum Pickup RangeApprox. 4 m(radius), 360°
Pickup MethodStereo / Monaural*
Microphone UnitUnidirectional ECM microphone parts x 4
Number of ConnectionsMaximum 4 microphones
Maximum Input Sound Pressure110 dBspl
Number of Terminals for Microphone Connection2
DimensionsApprox. 120 (diameter) x 25 (h) (mm)
Cable LengthApprox. 8.5 m
Power InputSupplied from main unit via proprietary cable
WeightApprox. 280 g
Operating Temperature0 °C to 40 °C
Operating Humidity10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)


Hotline: 2313 0666
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* If either of the following conditions is met, the output sent to the other party will be stereo; otherwise, monaural:

• The bandwidth is higher than approximately 1.8 Mbps in a 2-party videoconference call with the HD Visual Communications Unit using SIP

• The MIC position is set manually to "Center stereo", or the MIC position is set automatically with a Digital Boundary Microphone connected to the unit and no Analogue Boundary Microphone connected to the unit at the same time


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