Customers can now enjoy a 2-week free trial of Panasonic HD-VCS at their own office, and experience the incredible HD-Visual Communications brought-by!
1. Product for Trial
  • HD-VCS
  • Proprietary Camera
  • Boundary Microphone
2. Free Services
  • Transportation and set-up are arranged by Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong territory only
  • Operation demonstration & technical support
3. Trial Period
  • 14 days starting from the date of set-up
4. Important Note
  • Extra equipment may need to be supplied by customers
  • Broadband network should be arranged by customers on their own. Testing performance may be affected by bandwidth and traffic condition
  • Availability of product is limited. Date of trial subject to number of registration
  • Customers have to bear responsibility and compensate for any damage or loss of products on-loan
  • For enquiry, please contact Mr Chui at 2313 0834
5. Registration Method

Please provide the following information (Company Name, Contact Person, Phone, Email, Address and Nature of Business) and email to

6. Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final decision for acceptance of free trial application