Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd
Awarded ISO 14001 certificate & Enhanced "Toner Cartridge Collection Program"

Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a "Panasonic Toner Cartridge Collection Program" since 1999. Thank you for the patronage and continuous support from our valuable customers, we successfully collected a large quantity of empty cartridges during the past few years and helped to reduce the environmental impacts. In May of Year 2002, our company awarded the ISO 14001 certificate which indicated our contribution to environmental protection. To carry through our goals to further reduce the pollution, we enhanced the program and started to collect HP empty toner cartridges.

When customers order new toner cartridge and return empty toner cartridge to us, they would be rewarded with a cash coupon with face value of HK$20 and it is valid for accumulative use on purchasing our toner cartridge. At the same time, we can contribute to environment protection and customers can also be benefited from the program.

Customers call Direct Marketing Department hotline 2313 0688 to order new toner cartridge and arrange the pick up, or buy toner cartridge and bring the empty cartridge to designated Panasonic Showrooms. Customers will reward a cash coupon with face value of HK$20 for purchase of toner cartridge. (Please refer to the assorted model number of Table 1)

Collect Empty Cartridge Procedures

Terms & Conditions:
  • The coupon is used for selected Panasonic laser facsimile toner cartridge models: UG-3309 / 3313 / 3380 / 5545.
  • The Coupon is valid for accumulative use but it is not redeemable for cash or to be used with other discount offers. Photocopy is not valid.
  • The coupon is valid until the expiry date but only with Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. (SHTEC) chop.
  • Simply present the coupon upon purchase at designated Panasonic Showrooms or call our Order Hotline to enjoy its cash value on the toner cartridge.
  • Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. (SHTEC) reserves the right to restrict the use of this coupon.


Panasonic Showroom:

For Details, Please call : 2313 0688

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme

To promote environmental protection and resources recycling, Shun Hing Group participate the “Battery Recycling Program” organized by Environmental Protection Department. The program gets the support from various group companies, Shun Hing Technology Co., Ltd. becomes one of the members and extends the original “Panasonic Battery Recycling” service to different types of recyclable battery. Customers can drop their rechargeable batteries in the specially designed bins provided by Environmental Protection Department in our showrooms.

The program collects different kind of portable rechargeable battery, including ordinary rechargeable battery and the rechargeable battery for the following products.

‧ Mobile Phones ‧ MP3/ MD players
‧ Cordless Phones ‧ CD/ VCD/ DVD players
‧ Digital Cameras ‧ Electronic Dictionaries
‧ Video cameras ‧Shavers
‧ Mobile Computers ‧ Electronic Toothbrush
‧ Personal Digital Assistances ‧ Portable Vacuum Cleaners
‧ Power Tools ‧Electronic Game Sets

The rechargeable batteries are collected on a periodic basis, sorted according to battery type, stored and shipped to overseas for recycling. You are cordially invited to participate this Recycling

Programme, share the resources. Love the environment.

Collection bins are placed in following Panasonic showrooms and Customer Service Stations:

Panasonic Showroom
Ninki Denki
Customer Service Station