Cordless Drill and Driver


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  • Ultra compact body 178mm for better handling and control
  • New design high power Brushless motor
  • New ‘Speed control function’
  • Electronic speed control
  • New Ultra hard chuck jaw tips
  • LED light
  • Included 2 battery packs (Made in Japan)
  • Battery compatible for all models
  • ESD approved (as per EN 55014-1 and -2)

Cordless Drill and Driver
EV Charger / Power Tools
Cordless Drill and Driver
BatteryLi-ion (18V, 5.0Ah)
Charging Time (usable / full)65 / 80min.
Speed at no load (low/ high) in rpm20-480 / 70-1,580min.
Max. torque (stalling/ instant torque)32 / 50Nm
Clutch Torque18 stages, Approx. 0.5 – 4.4Nm
Max. Drilling Diameter (in wood / in metal)38 / 13mm
Size (W x L x H)68 x 178 x 250mm
Weight (incl. battery)2.05kg
Standard Accessoriesbattery EY9L54B x 2
charger EY0L82B x 1
plastic box x 1
Battery capacity (EY9L54B)
ScrewingWood screw in soft wood (High mode)Ø 4.1mm x 13mm
(Approx. 1,450pcs)
Wood screw in yellow pine (Low mode)Ø 8mm x 80mm
(Approx. 390pcs)
Self-drilling screw in SPC (High mode)Ø 4mm x 13mm t = 1.6mm
(Approx. 1,200pcs)
DrillingHoles in plaster board + Plywood (High mode)Plaster board 12.5mm + Plywood 12mm
Ø 68mm × 24.5mm
(Approx. 90pcs)
Holes in plaster board + Plywood (Low mode)Plaster board 16mm + Plywood 12mm
Ø 50mm × 28mm
(Approx. 50pcs)
Holes in SPC/ hole saw (Low mode)Ø 33mm t = 1.6mm
(Approx. 70pcs)
Holes in yellow pine (High mode)Ø 18mm x 120mm
(Approx. 140pcs)
Holes in yellow pine (Low mode)Ø 30mm x 40mm
(Approx. 250pcs)


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