Cordless Jigsaw


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  • 4 stage pendulum for right speed and precision
  • Counter balance mechanism for reduced vibration
  • Cutting angle adjustment (0-45°)
  • International Standard IP56 dust and water resistance design
  • For metal, plastic and wood
  • Simple blade change mechanism
  • Dust blow function
  • LED light

Cordless Jigsaw
EV Charger / Power Tools
Cordless Jigsaw
Battery*Li-ion (18V, 5.0Ah)
Charging Time (usable / full)*65/ 80min.
Stroke per minute2,500
Max. cutting depth65mm
Stroke length26mm
Max. thickness of saw blade1.6mm
Size (W x L x H) 75 x 290 x 218mm
Weight (incl. battery)*3.35kg
Battery capacity (EY9L54B)
Plywood12mm, 15mm (23m)
Particle boardt=20mm x 2 (13m)


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*Body only (without battery and charger)